Renaissance Capital Management LLC is an independent branch of National Securities Corporation, a full-service brokerage firm and member FINRA/SIPC. At Renaissance, we understand that a dynamic world with dynamic markets necessitates flexibility. The needs of our clients are constantly evolving and we strive to help them work towards realizing their financial goals by offering customizable investment solutions. Too often, capital is not directed to where we believe it can have the most impact: In the hands of business owners. Business owners are vital to the foundation of society; they create jobs and help sustain local economies. It is our goal to help business owners create, manage and grow wealth by giving them access to a wide array of innovative investment products.

Additionally, the Investment Banking Department at National Securities evaluates and structures financing alternatives, including those for emerging growth companies. Our relationship with National allows our clients to gain access to these disruptive growth companies at an early stage. For more information regarding opportunities created by our Investment Banking Department, please visit the National Securities Corporation website. Let your investment strategy have a great awakening. Let it have a Renaissance.